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Commercial Patio Heater Fuel Options


Commercial patio heaters may be used at catered events, pubs, bistros, cafes, restaurants, warehouses, and arenas. Outside patio heaters are bound to raise your organization's sales because they let your restaurant to remain open longer and later into the season.


The most significant factor when selecting your heaters is the kind of fuel that it uses. The size can be dictated by the fuel kind and so is the odor coming from the heater. Some of the fuel alternatives include: butane, propane, oil and electrical patio heaters.


Butane Patio Heaters


It's a burning fuel that is clean and is in the gel form with some kind of smell, the heat produced is however clean. Another thing about fuel is that it can last to even 8 hours. Butane fuel is easily discoverable, can be accessed with ease, and is water proof. The butane fuel burns in the unit, which heats up a core that creates an even heat that is outside.


Propane Patio Heaters


Propane is similarly to butane another kind of clean-burning fuel, but unlike the latter, the flame size needs to be modulated via a valve which limits the gas flow. Propane can create a hot burning fire, which can be funneled into a center that discharges the heat without smoke or fumes. The produced flame warms up the heater's internal metal, temperature regulation is controlled manually.


Oil Patio Heaters


Oil burns nicely and is trustable regardless of it being somewhat an outdated source of fuel some. The significant difficulty with such a fuel is the possibility of sludge creation inside the heater, maintenance requirements, and on outside surfaces is incredibly flammable. Such a product functions nicely with the heaters that are used in large open places, and industrial sized ones.


Electrical Patio Heaters


Since they're cost-effective and user friendly, Bromic electric heaters are the most in-demand of all the heater kinds. Furthermore, the fuel will not need to be prepared before using it. Using an indoor and/or outdoor wire is significant in helping prevent fire mishaps. The center of the patio heater is electricity-heated which can be controlled via the unit's settings.


When choosing commercial patio heaters like a radiant patio heater there are several important things to consider. The ones you choose ought to be adequate for your specific heating needs, look good and be easy to operate and assemble. The safety features they come with are similarly important and so is their warranty. A propane unit needs for instance to feature an automatic shut off valve